Our new badminton racket on Global Source

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My buddies, have you also noticed that our rackets are shown on the newest catalogue of the Global sources. What an exciting information! Our racket appears on the 19th page of the newest magazine “Sports & Leisure” August 2011 of the global sources. What an amazing! To be calm, I believe, it is a predominate facts to prove that our products are good enough to show us.

If you are also a fan of global sources, if you also interest in our products, you can follow it and learn more from global sources website. And below is a screenshots from it, it is to your refer.

[image title=”Our new badminton racket on Global Source” alt=”Our new badminton racket on Global Source” tooltip=”yes”]../wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Our-new-products-about-badminton-racket-on-Global-Source1.jpg[/image]

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