About the Power balance wristbands

The Power Balance Wristband was developed by athletes with a profound knowledge of eastern medicine and quantic science.

It consists of a quantum hologram programed with frequencies that connect with our body’s natural field, increasing the efficiency of the energy flow.

The subtle effect the Power Balance Wristband has on the body’s energy flow helps to enhance cellular metabolic functions.

Through several blind tests we confirmed the instantaneous increase of balance, power balance supplier, flexibility, power balance dealers, strength, concentration and wellness. Apart from that, wholesale power balance bracelet, the Power Balance Wristband can reduce the effects of stress, increase stamina and the immune system power balance wristband effectiveness.

The Power Balance Wristband is a natural stimulator of the energy flow that instantly adjusts to your body for better performance, increasing: strength, balance and flexibility.

No matter what your activity is, the Power Balance Wristband will increase your performance and help you feel better physically and emotionally.