Silicone Water Resistant Digital Ion Sports Watch

A watch especially designed for you sporty people out there!

If you’re swimming, surfing, sailing, cycling, climbing, taking part in any extreme sport,

or even a couch potato wanting to look sporty then you need a watch that can take the pressure.
This sexy lightweight ergonomically designed water-resistant watch is an excellent alternative to bulky and expensive sports watches.

With an easy-to-read LCD display and a quality silicone rubber strap stretches to fit around your wrist, it’s extremely comfortable with no clasp to break or snag on clothing. It has an easy-to-read handy LCD display with time and date function.

It also emits negative ions, which have health benefits including alleviating depression, relieving stress, and boosting daytime energy.

So you can feel happy and energized while you’re jumping out of an aeroplane or climbing Everest

Lightweight watch
Water resistant up to 33 feet below sea level (1 ATM)
Easy-to-read handy LCD display
Emits negative ions
Many colors are optional Size: 15cm/16cm/17cm/18cm/19cm