Company and Products Introduction

Hello, buddies. Thanks for your kindly attention on our company. Today, I would like to introduce you of our company in three aspects.

Firstly, I would like to introduce our company environment. See, we have a comfortable working place, which allows us to work in a good mood. This is the guarantee that we would provide you the best service.

Secondly, the professional production line is the warranty of good products. If you like, please follow me of the main production procedure. Knitting yarn is the first step for a racket production. And then we cut it as the needed shape, size and frame. And then roll the bar. The third step is shaping. We put the shaped bar in the mold and then put it into the machine to heat. Step four, full with putty. Then come to the punch, and then join the handle. Until now, a racket framework is ready. Then we can put water decals. As the water decals are finished, we string the rackets. Of course, there are many other steps, you can refer to our following photos for reference. When the racket is ready, we print the logo, blister and packing etc. after everything is done, a racket is finished. If you are interested in it, and want to learn more about the production, welcome to contact us or visit our factory, we would be glad to show you more.

Last but not least, except for the production, quality control would play a significant way in a good quality rackets provision. We have responsible QC for quality checking, besides, we have also introduced many advanced equipment to control the quality. We would make sure all the rackets are in a good way before the goods are shipped.

If you are interested in our company, please feel free to contact us. Look forward to your joining. Thanks!