How to choose your sports watch

Want a good sports watch, huh? Well you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few things that you should look for when choosing a watch.How to choose your sports watch

1. Resistance: Hey, you want a watch that is worth something, right? You should always buy a watch that is well-known (is brand named). After all, you get what you pay for. If you buy a ten dollar watch, expect that same watch to function just like a ten dollar watch. A gorgeous metal strap would be signs of a good watch, also, a watch with a sizeable design on it. Those are all keys of a nice little investment.

2. Water Resistance: For those out there that like to take a swim, this section is talking to you. Yeah, you want a watch that doesn’t go down under a wave. The ideal watch would last up to 50 minutes under water. I’ve learned this one out the hard way, no, not really (smiles).

3. Style: We are absolutely OBSESSED with looks, right? Most of us will prefer the guy/gal that looks good as opposed to the one that spends their Saturday nights in the library. It’s just a part of our makeup. We can’t hide it. We can’t fake it. We just embrace it, and it should be the exact same way when it comes to your watch. You want something that draws the attention of your eyes. If it gets your attention, it’ll probably grab the attention of others, for sure. I’m not saying go for style over substance, I am just saying pick something out that you wouldn’t mind wearing on your wrist, that simple.

4. Features: This is my favorite section. You want a watch that has the classic and traditional stopwatch features, for sure. Think about what your favorite stop watch has. Yeah, you get the picture. You should make sure that the stop watch you are going to pick out has a stop watch feature, a lap timer and a tachymeter. Those are CRUCIAL. Do you hear me? This is CRUCIAL to having a good watch. Hopefully I have given you some good insight and essentials on your ideal stop watch. The next time you go out and get yourself a watch think about me. Think about all the GORGEOUS advice that I gave you. Think about the fact that I definitely looked out for your highest good.