Getting to Know Sports Watches

1. Why We Need Sports Watches?
A sports watch is essential for every sports enthusiast. Along with all other sports gear and equipment, a sports watch is a necessary item, which should not be missing. It is not just for telling time, it also
provides many additional functions.

2. Something About Sports Watches
(1)What is Sports Watch
The sports watch is the watch that people can wear when doing different sports, and has one or several functionality required byprofessional sports, and has a larger breakthrough in shape. To be ecisely, sports watch is an outdoor instrument that be carried but not just the watch.
(2)Some Features of the Sports Watches
The fundamental feature of the sports watches is water resistant and shock resistant.
Another common feature in a sports watch is the simple numeric bezel. This feature allows the wearer to simply spin the bezel to mark time quickly and easily, yet allow them to monitor time left in their air tanks at a glance.
Other features commonly found on sports watches may include alarms, multiple timers, or a backlight.
For the casual wearer, sports watches for men are a nice fashion accessory. For the serious sports person, a sports watch with the proper functions can mean success or even survival. Some of these “serious features” can be GPS and/or heart rate monitoring function.
(3)Choose Your Suitable Sports Watches
There are a variety of sports watch brands available in the market, each having different features and prices. With so many choices available, deciding which watch to buy can be a difficult decision. So before making a decision, it is better to do some research and analyze what your requirements exactly are. Choose a watch that not only looks good, but also offers the best functionality.
If you are an avid swimmer, your top requirement in a sports watch is that it should be water resistant, and scratch resistant.
If you are a runner, you may want a chronograph with large over‐sized numbers to be able to easily read your times.
If you are a pilot or diver, you may want a multi‐function analogue chronograph to be able to watch and monitor long periods of time.
Similarly, triathletes will need a watch capable of extended time monitoring, especially for some of the more extreme Ironman events.
And snowboarders, or mountain climbers will require watches, which can work efficiently in harsh weather conditions, and have a long battery life.
(4) Maintenance of the Sports Watches
Watch maintenance is roughly the same as car maintenance: your watch will last much longer and you may be able to avoid costly pairs through careful, regular maintenance.
The following is a very brief guide to basic watch maintenance.
※Any watch should be rinsed under fresh water after exposure to saltwater.
※Don’t unnecessarily subject your water‐resistant watch to pressure or heat.
※Remove your watch for hot showers, baths, saunas and hot tubs.
※Immediately get your watch serviced if there is moisture inside the crystal.

Editor: Vicky Zhu
Monday, April 02, 2012