Classification of outdoor sports watches

Since the development of the watch, its main function is for timing. While with the social development, it can not only be used for counting time but also be used for ornament and show our identity extending. But for the lovers of outdoor sports, they care more about the watch’s various functions that suitable for outdoor sports rather than the watch’s appearance.


Classification of outdoor sports watches:

1. Casual Sports watches:
Casual Sports watch is designed for daily wearing. It is suitable for who need a watch of strong and durable for daliy use although its functions is worse than other styles of outdoor watches. It is fashionable, strong, durable and so on. Those watch focus on good-looking appearance, it has advantage of fashion, strong, durable and so on. These styles watches have good outlooking, and lower function, but they are still durable. Additional features include: Date / week, lighting, alarm, pointer / digital display and water resistance, and some even have tidal data.

2. Specialized sports watches:
1) The function Including altitude, air pressure, temperature, weather, which is suitable for demanding outdoor activities such as skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, adventure. Watches with altimeter function can supply with height measurement like handheld altimeter. Digital altimeter (such as watches), its sensitivity can provide users with more accurate altitude readings, but also more vulnerable to the environmental impact of the watch’s altitude reading error. Watch altimeter must be constantly corrected in accordance with the known altitude climbers, can reduce the high number of errors (usually about four percent to five percent).

2) Some sport watches have a heart rate monitor which is more suitable for fitness enthusiasts and athletes in training. Most of heart rate monitor watches are used the same with others, but base on the price, you will find that it has many functions, including date / week, lighting, alarm, stopwatch function, calories calculator, most of them are waterproof.

3. Multifunction sports watches:
These watches have many function seems to combine with the two watches in one. They are the best choice of the people who engage in a variety of activities. But they are too complex may not be good, the price is also a major factor. These durable watches are very suitable for a dynamic lifestyle, they are usually have good water resistance, wear-resistant, durable strap, but also has a lot of functionality.
The choice of multi-function watches:
Basic Features: Day / Date, alarm, lighting, countdown timer, sub-ring timer.
For the outdoor enthusiast can choose the style of the built-in compass.
For running and multisport athletes who can choose the style of a large display and large buttons for easy operation.
Seaside can select pre-programmed tide data watch.

Our life is like a watch, always keep forward. So we have to cherish every second of the pointer moving.