How to choose the right sports watch for you?

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Are you looking for the right sports watch for you? Like many others who have tried, you’re no-doubt discovered that choosing the right running watch is no easy task! The right sports watches in these times of modern technology are complex, feature-packed wrist-watch-computers and with the endless excess of marketing hype we are bombarded with, it can be tricky separating the performers from the pretenders.

Mypsd_55808_201106231819040001BWhile choosing the “right watch” is a subjective thing – we are all unique after all. We have decided to give it our best shot! In the remainder of this article we will compare and choose which is the “right of the right” sport running watch out there.

Our method? Well, all we only consider watches support the features in a running watch that athletes need. These features are namely: Heart Rate Monitor Features, Speed and Distance Tracking Capability, Session History Recording Capacity.

Heart Rate Monitor Features

A heart rate monitor usually comprise of a chest strap that wraps around your chest and is sensitive to your heart beat rate, measuring it in real time and transmitting the data wirelessly to your watch timepiece. Strapless heart rate monitors are available too, but are far less popular. The watches we consider are all chest strap heart rate monitors.

The basic measurement of a heart rate monitoring system is the number of beats per minute your heart is pumping at a given moment in time. Your heart rate is an effective indicator of your intensity level in a workout.

When your heart rate is low, you are at a good fat burning intensity. This should be a comfortable level to that you can sustain for a long period to improve your fitness, but your performance will not increase much at this level. When your heart rate is high 160-180 BPM, you are working out at a much higher level of that is more effective for improving peak performance. This level is difficult to sustain for too long and will lead to over-training and burnout if you do not counter it with a suitable recovery period.


Speed and Distance Tracking Capability

Modern sports watches are capable of tracking speed, pace and distance via a GPS system, pedometer or foot pod unit. This is a great feature for performance runners. When competing in a race or within a high intensity training session, it is extremely useful to know at any given point, what pace you are currently at and the distance you have covered over the course of a run, or even a weekly distance summary of all runs, so as to record these statistics in your training diary.

A foot pod unit, which tends to be slightly cheaper than GPS technology, is secured onto your running shoe and must be calibrated to your stride. Unlike a GPS watch, a foot pod device will work indoors as well as outdoors and on a treadmill, however the accuracy of a food pod suffers when you change intensity level, making it unsuitable for measuring fartlek sessions and it must be calibrated to your stride.

A GPS unit links to a network of 24 satellite systems orbiting the earth. By linking up to three or more satellite signals simultaneously a GPS sports watch can accurately determine your precise location on earth, enabling it to calculate speed, distance, direction and altitude.

Session History Recording Capacity

Athletes, who record all their training in a personal training diary, require a large amount of storage capacity on a sports wrist watch.

The watches we have selected are able to record and organize session data by a workout date/time stamp and give the wearer the ability to drill down a lot deeper into a given workout and view the details of the session data such as lap distances and recovery time/distances and even session goals.

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New Sports Watches on the GlobalSources

Getting to Know Sports Watches

1. Why We Need Sports Watches?
A sports watch is essential for every sports enthusiast. Along with all other sports gear and equipment, a sports watch is a necessary item, which should not be missing. It is not just for telling time, it also
provides many additional functions.

2. Something About Sports Watches
(1)What is Sports Watch
The sports watch is the watch that people can wear when doing different sports, and has one or several functionality required byprofessional sports, and has a larger breakthrough in shape. To be ecisely, sports watch is an outdoor instrument that be carried but not just the watch.
(2)Some Features of the Sports Watches
The fundamental feature of the sports watches is water resistant and shock resistant.
Another common feature in a sports watch is the simple numeric bezel. This feature allows the wearer to simply spin the bezel to mark time quickly and easily, yet allow them to monitor time left in their air tanks at a glance.
Other features commonly found on sports watches may include alarms, multiple timers, or a backlight.
For the casual wearer, sports watches for men are a nice fashion accessory. For the serious sports person, a sports watch with the proper functions can mean success or even survival. Some of these “serious features” can be GPS and/or heart rate monitoring function.
(3)Choose Your Suitable Sports Watches
There are a variety of sports watch brands available in the market, each having different features and prices. With so many choices available, deciding which watch to buy can be a difficult decision. So before making a decision, it is better to do some research and analyze what your requirements exactly are. Choose a watch that not only looks good, but also offers the best functionality.
If you are an avid swimmer, your top requirement in a sports watch is that it should be water resistant, and scratch resistant.
If you are a runner, you may want a chronograph with large over‐sized numbers to be able to easily read your times.
If you are a pilot or diver, you may want a multi‐function analogue chronograph to be able to watch and monitor long periods of time.
Similarly, triathletes will need a watch capable of extended time monitoring, especially for some of the more extreme Ironman events.
And snowboarders, or mountain climbers will require watches, which can work efficiently in harsh weather conditions, and have a long battery life.
(4) Maintenance of the Sports Watches
Watch maintenance is roughly the same as car maintenance: your watch will last much longer and you may be able to avoid costly pairs through careful, regular maintenance.
The following is a very brief guide to basic watch maintenance.
※Any watch should be rinsed under fresh water after exposure to saltwater.
※Don’t unnecessarily subject your water‐resistant watch to pressure or heat.
※Remove your watch for hot showers, baths, saunas and hot tubs.
※Immediately get your watch serviced if there is moisture inside the crystal.

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How to choose your sports watch

Want a good sports watch, huh? Well you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few things that you should look for when choosing a watch.How to choose your sports watch

1. Resistance: Hey, you want a watch that is worth something, right? You should always buy a watch that is well-known (is brand named). After all, you get what you pay for. If you buy a ten dollar watch, expect that same watch to function just like a ten dollar watch. A gorgeous metal strap would be signs of a good watch, also, a watch with a sizeable design on it. Those are all keys of a nice little investment.

2. Water Resistance: For those out there that like to take a swim, this section is talking to you. Yeah, you want a watch that doesn’t go down under a wave. The ideal watch would last up to 50 minutes under water. I’ve learned this one out the hard way, no, not really (smiles).

3. Style: We are absolutely OBSESSED with looks, right? Most of us will prefer the guy/gal that looks good as opposed to the one that spends their Saturday nights in the library. It’s just a part of our makeup. We can’t hide it. We can’t fake it. We just embrace it, and it should be the exact same way when it comes to your watch. You want something that draws the attention of your eyes. If it gets your attention, it’ll probably grab the attention of others, for sure. I’m not saying go for style over substance, I am just saying pick something out that you wouldn’t mind wearing on your wrist, that simple.

4. Features: This is my favorite section. You want a watch that has the classic and traditional stopwatch features, for sure. Think about what your favorite stop watch has. Yeah, you get the picture. You should make sure that the stop watch you are going to pick out has a stop watch feature, a lap timer and a tachymeter. Those are CRUCIAL. Do you hear me? This is CRUCIAL to having a good watch. Hopefully I have given you some good insight and essentials on your ideal stop watch. The next time you go out and get yourself a watch think about me. Think about all the GORGEOUS advice that I gave you. Think about the fact that I definitely looked out for your highest good.

Sports Watches – How to Choose the Best That You Can Have

Sports is an enjoyable activity that you can do. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from it like good health condition and good social relationships. One equipment that is commonly used in sports is a watch. There are various designs of sports watch in the market. There are some guide that you need to know for you to be able to choose the best for you.


You have to make sure that the watch that you will choose is good enough to withstand high impact activities that you do. Keep in mind that you are exposed to harsh environment in sports. Make sure that the watch uses good mechanism like quartz and mechanical.


One of the most important features that a sports watch must have is being water resistant. In sports, you expose yourself to sweat and dirt. Try to choose a watch that is water resistant so that it will fit the kind of activity that you do. There are a lot of watches that are water resistant, try to look for them.


It is vital that you choose a watch that is made of appropriate construction materials. Precious metals are easily damaged by salt water and other harmful chemicals. Try to look for watches that are made of rubber, plastic or stainless steel.


There are a lot of features that are added to some watches from time to time. Try to make sure that you choose the one that you can fully use. Features like timer and stopwatch are always common in sports watches. There are advanced features like chronograph and pulse monitor also. Make sure that you will only choose based on your needs.

Sports watches are vital for people who are active and sporty. Buying a sports watch is never easy. You need to consider various factors for you to be able to choose the best one. Try to remember the tips mentioned above for you to be able to choose the best one to buy.

Silicone Water Resistant Digital Ion Sports Watch

A watch especially designed for you sporty people out there!

If you’re swimming, surfing, sailing, cycling, climbing, taking part in any extreme sport,

or even a couch potato wanting to look sporty then you need a watch that can take the pressure.
This sexy lightweight ergonomically designed water-resistant watch is an excellent alternative to bulky and expensive sports watches.

With an easy-to-read LCD display and a quality silicone rubber strap stretches to fit around your wrist, it’s extremely comfortable with no clasp to break or snag on clothing. It has an easy-to-read handy LCD display with time and date function.

It also emits negative ions, which have health benefits including alleviating depression, relieving stress, and boosting daytime energy.

So you can feel happy and energized while you’re jumping out of an aeroplane or climbing Everest

Lightweight watch
Water resistant up to 33 feet below sea level (1 ATM)
Easy-to-read handy LCD display
Emits negative ions
Many colors are optional Size: 15cm/16cm/17cm/18cm/19cm

About the Power balance wristbands

The Power Balance Wristband was developed by athletes with a profound knowledge of eastern medicine and quantic science.

It consists of a quantum hologram programed with frequencies that connect with our body’s natural field, increasing the efficiency of the energy flow.

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The Power Balance Wristband is a natural stimulator of the energy flow that instantly adjusts to your body for better performance, increasing: strength, balance and flexibility.

No matter what your activity is, the Power Balance Wristband will increase your performance and help you feel better physically and emotionally.

How to choice a sports watches

Men just love watches, and it is no surprise that most men also love sports. But gone are the days when you had to leave your watch in the locker while you had a swim or a workout. The watch industry are now producing a range of dedicated sports watches with larger dial size, bolder styling and more impressive features than ever to cater for this trend. But how do you choose the right sports watch for your needs?

A sports watch is generally a more robustly built timepiece but some watches are not suitable for high impact sports so before you buy, check the manufacturers manual first. A quartz sports watch is practical and cost effective but if you can afford it there is nothing quite like the added kudos of a skilfully crafted mechanical sports watch.

When choosing a sports watch, water resistance is a must, this means that the watch has been sealed to protect it. Water resistance is measured in metres and is available in a wide range, depending on requirements. Choose resistance of at least 100 metres if you want to swim whilst wearing your watch and 300 metres or more if scuba diving is your thing. Even if dipping your toes in the sea is about as close as you get to swimming, adequate water resistance will protect your watch from accidental exposure to water and humidity.

Next, choose what functions you want your sports watch to have other than telling the time. A chronograph function will measure time sectors using independent hands which the wearer can stop and start as required. If you need to measure multiple competitor times for comparison and so on, a split-seconds or rattrapante chronograph has two seconds hands, one of which can be stopped when an intermediate time sector is reached while the other continues, when the split-seconds timing hand is released it immediately catches up to the position of the other hand – not only an impressive feat of watchmaking genius but quite amazing to look at too.

Finally, if you need a little inspiration to make your choice of sports watch follow the example of your sporting hero. Many themed watch collections such as motorsports tribute pieces have been released over the years and certain brands receive celebrity endorsements from a wide range of sports such as golf, sailingand tennis. So next time you are watching your sporting hero on the television, see what they have on their wrist and make that your choice.