Holiday notification of China Spring Festival 2017

Good day! A year comes to its end. And our Spring Festival Holiday is coming quietly. 

We have to note you that we will have a long holiday as this happy event come and our Spring Festival are coming by January to February 2017.
Please take a look below information regarding with our factories and sales Dept’s Spring Festival Holiday: 
Our factories’ workers holiday: Jan. 10 – Feb. 16, 2017
Sales Dept. holiday: Jan. 23 – Feb. 04, 2017

So if you have any project to develop or order plan, please let us know timely so that we would not miss the shipping time.
Sorry for inconvenience to you. Also hope you can get happy as our Chinese new year! Many thanks!

Holiday notification of China Spring Festival 2014

We have to note you that we have a long holiday as our Spring Festival is coming by Jan to Feb. 2014, sorry!

Please take a look below information regarding with our factories and sales Dept’s Spring Festival Holiday:

Our factories’ workers holiday: 16th Jan. – 17th Feb. 2014
Sales Dept. holiday: 26th Jan. – 10th Feb. 2014

If you have any urgently problem or inquiry, please send the email to contact Mr. Leo Chen.

Sorry for inconvenience to you. Also hope you can get happy as our Chinese new year! Many thanks!

China Spring Festival (CNY Holiday)

How to choose the right sports watch for you?

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Are you looking for the right sports watch for you? Like many others who have tried, you’re no-doubt discovered that choosing the right running watch is no easy task! The right sports watches in these times of modern technology are complex, feature-packed wrist-watch-computers and with the endless excess of marketing hype we are bombarded with, it can be tricky separating the performers from the pretenders.

Mypsd_55808_201106231819040001BWhile choosing the “right watch” is a subjective thing – we are all unique after all. We have decided to give it our best shot! In the remainder of this article we will compare and choose which is the “right of the right” sport running watch out there.

Our method? Well, all we only consider watches support the features in a running watch that athletes need. These features are namely: Heart Rate Monitor Features, Speed and Distance Tracking Capability, Session History Recording Capacity.

Heart Rate Monitor Features

A heart rate monitor usually comprise of a chest strap that wraps around your chest and is sensitive to your heart beat rate, measuring it in real time and transmitting the data wirelessly to your watch timepiece. Strapless heart rate monitors are available too, but are far less popular. The watches we consider are all chest strap heart rate monitors.

The basic measurement of a heart rate monitoring system is the number of beats per minute your heart is pumping at a given moment in time. Your heart rate is an effective indicator of your intensity level in a workout.

When your heart rate is low, you are at a good fat burning intensity. This should be a comfortable level to that you can sustain for a long period to improve your fitness, but your performance will not increase much at this level. When your heart rate is high 160-180 BPM, you are working out at a much higher level of that is more effective for improving peak performance. This level is difficult to sustain for too long and will lead to over-training and burnout if you do not counter it with a suitable recovery period.


Speed and Distance Tracking Capability

Modern sports watches are capable of tracking speed, pace and distance via a GPS system, pedometer or foot pod unit. This is a great feature for performance runners. When competing in a race or within a high intensity training session, it is extremely useful to know at any given point, what pace you are currently at and the distance you have covered over the course of a run, or even a weekly distance summary of all runs, so as to record these statistics in your training diary.

A foot pod unit, which tends to be slightly cheaper than GPS technology, is secured onto your running shoe and must be calibrated to your stride. Unlike a GPS watch, a foot pod device will work indoors as well as outdoors and on a treadmill, however the accuracy of a food pod suffers when you change intensity level, making it unsuitable for measuring fartlek sessions and it must be calibrated to your stride.

A GPS unit links to a network of 24 satellite systems orbiting the earth. By linking up to three or more satellite signals simultaneously a GPS sports watch can accurately determine your precise location on earth, enabling it to calculate speed, distance, direction and altitude.

Session History Recording Capacity

Athletes, who record all their training in a personal training diary, require a large amount of storage capacity on a sports wrist watch.

The watches we have selected are able to record and organize session data by a workout date/time stamp and give the wearer the ability to drill down a lot deeper into a given workout and view the details of the session data such as lap distances and recovery time/distances and even session goals.

Company and Products Introduction

Hello, buddies. Thanks for your kindly attention on our company. Today, I would like to introduce you of our company in three aspects.

Firstly, I would like to introduce our company environment. See, we have a comfortable working place, which allows us to work in a good mood. This is the guarantee that we would provide you the best service.

Secondly, the professional production line is the warranty of good products. If you like, please follow me of the main production procedure. Knitting yarn is the first step for a racket production. And then we cut it as the needed shape, size and frame. And then roll the bar. The third step is shaping. We put the shaped bar in the mold and then put it into the machine to heat. Step four, full with putty. Then come to the punch, and then join the handle. Until now, a racket framework is ready. Then we can put water decals. As the water decals are finished, we string the rackets. Of course, there are many other steps, you can refer to our following photos for reference. When the racket is ready, we print the logo, blister and packing etc. after everything is done, a racket is finished. If you are interested in it, and want to learn more about the production, welcome to contact us or visit our factory, we would be glad to show you more.

Last but not least, except for the production, quality control would play a significant way in a good quality rackets provision. We have responsible QC for quality checking, besides, we have also introduced many advanced equipment to control the quality. We would make sure all the rackets are in a good way before the goods are shipped.

If you are interested in our company, please feel free to contact us. Look forward to your joining. Thanks!

Classification of outdoor sports watches

Since the development of the watch, its main function is for timing. While with the social development, it can not only be used for counting time but also be used for ornament and show our identity extending. But for the lovers of outdoor sports, they care more about the watch’s various functions that suitable for outdoor sports rather than the watch’s appearance.


Classification of outdoor sports watches:

1. Casual Sports watches:
Casual Sports watch is designed for daily wearing. It is suitable for who need a watch of strong and durable for daliy use although its functions is worse than other styles of outdoor watches. It is fashionable, strong, durable and so on. Those watch focus on good-looking appearance, it has advantage of fashion, strong, durable and so on. These styles watches have good outlooking, and lower function, but they are still durable. Additional features include: Date / week, lighting, alarm, pointer / digital display and water resistance, and some even have tidal data.

2. Specialized sports watches:
1) The function Including altitude, air pressure, temperature, weather, which is suitable for demanding outdoor activities such as skiing, mountain climbing, hiking, adventure. Watches with altimeter function can supply with height measurement like handheld altimeter. Digital altimeter (such as watches), its sensitivity can provide users with more accurate altitude readings, but also more vulnerable to the environmental impact of the watch’s altitude reading error. Watch altimeter must be constantly corrected in accordance with the known altitude climbers, can reduce the high number of errors (usually about four percent to five percent).

2) Some sport watches have a heart rate monitor which is more suitable for fitness enthusiasts and athletes in training. Most of heart rate monitor watches are used the same with others, but base on the price, you will find that it has many functions, including date / week, lighting, alarm, stopwatch function, calories calculator, most of them are waterproof.

3. Multifunction sports watches:
These watches have many function seems to combine with the two watches in one. They are the best choice of the people who engage in a variety of activities. But they are too complex may not be good, the price is also a major factor. These durable watches are very suitable for a dynamic lifestyle, they are usually have good water resistance, wear-resistant, durable strap, but also has a lot of functionality.
The choice of multi-function watches:
Basic Features: Day / Date, alarm, lighting, countdown timer, sub-ring timer.
For the outdoor enthusiast can choose the style of the built-in compass.
For running and multisport athletes who can choose the style of a large display and large buttons for easy operation.
Seaside can select pre-programmed tide data watch.

Our life is like a watch, always keep forward. So we have to cherish every second of the pointer moving.

Welfare for Brazil Buyers – A New Cooperation B2P

Good news. As per our years’ business experience with the Brazilians, we have found a new cooperation pattern. In this new cooperation way – B2P, we would assist you to send the goods to your final customers directly which would save you a lot both in time and money.

In our new cooperation pattern, you just need to gain the orders from customers, and place the order to us, we would assist you to produce it, package the goods in a printed envelope, and send the goods to the express company as per your requests, and the express company would send the goods to your clients individually.

Here is the detailed info how we cooperate.

Welfare for Brazil Buyers - A New Cooperation B2P
Welfare for Brazil Buyers – A New Cooperation B2P

You offer us the detailed requests about the products and the shipping way, and we would quote to your refer both about the unit price for the products and also the shipping fees. And then we can confirm the order. We need 50% of the payment as the deposit so that we can buy the raw material and begin the production. While we are producing the goods, you can send us the detailed info for your customers, such as their name, address, city, province, zip code, country and also the order quantity etc. info in Excel sheet. And we would offer you the tracking number when we send the goods out. Of course, it is ok if you want us to send you the tracking number in advance, just let us know. Then you need to pay for the balance before the goods are shipped. And we would ship you the goods within the shipment day we have discussed.

There are many express companies that you can choose from, and here I would like to recommend you some express company and also their shipment time and advantages.

1. China Post. It takes about 20-30 days to ship the goods. Advantage: Cheapest. Powerful clearance ability. Many products are acceptable. Easy tracked from the official website. We suggest you to use it.
2. Hong Kong Post. It takes about 20-30 days to ship the goods, sometimes it would be quicker than China Post. Advantage: Cheap. Powerful clearance ability. Many products are acceptable. Easy tracked from the official website. We suggest you to use it.
3. EMS. It takes 7-10 days to ship the goods. Advantage: Fast and safety. Disadvantage: It may produce high tax while clear the customer, so we do not suggest you to use it.
4. DHL. It takes 5-7 days to ship the goods. Advantage: Fast and safety. Disadvantage: It may produce high tax while clear the customer, so we do not suggest you to use it.
5. As per your request

If you also like the cooperation way, if you are also interested in working with us, just feel free to contact us. Thanks!

New Sports Watches on the GlobalSources

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It’s a great news to share that in the latest Fashion Accessories of Global Sources of December 2011, one of our company’ s new products – Sports Watches: Fangcan – 688, is showed on it, which appears on the page 43 and the page 47. For more detailed information about this sports watches, you can visit :

As a professional sports watches manufacturer, our R&D department has developed those new sports with many new designs. Firstly, just like other sports watches, the fundamental feature of our new sports watches is watert and shock resistant. However, the functions of our new sports watches are better than other brands because we adopt the new technology. The other new feature of our sports watches is the flexible and adjustable strap, which make you wear more comfortable. Besides, the bright and multiple colors of our new sports watches enable you to have more choices.

If you are interest in our sports watches or our other products, welcome to visit our website: or

Please kindly keep our website and feel free to contact me if any item interests you.

New Sports Watches on the GlobalSources

Getting to Know Sports Watches

1. Why We Need Sports Watches?
A sports watch is essential for every sports enthusiast. Along with all other sports gear and equipment, a sports watch is a necessary item, which should not be missing. It is not just for telling time, it also
provides many additional functions.

2. Something About Sports Watches
(1)What is Sports Watch
The sports watch is the watch that people can wear when doing different sports, and has one or several functionality required byprofessional sports, and has a larger breakthrough in shape. To be ecisely, sports watch is an outdoor instrument that be carried but not just the watch.
(2)Some Features of the Sports Watches
The fundamental feature of the sports watches is water resistant and shock resistant.
Another common feature in a sports watch is the simple numeric bezel. This feature allows the wearer to simply spin the bezel to mark time quickly and easily, yet allow them to monitor time left in their air tanks at a glance.
Other features commonly found on sports watches may include alarms, multiple timers, or a backlight.
For the casual wearer, sports watches for men are a nice fashion accessory. For the serious sports person, a sports watch with the proper functions can mean success or even survival. Some of these “serious features” can be GPS and/or heart rate monitoring function.
(3)Choose Your Suitable Sports Watches
There are a variety of sports watch brands available in the market, each having different features and prices. With so many choices available, deciding which watch to buy can be a difficult decision. So before making a decision, it is better to do some research and analyze what your requirements exactly are. Choose a watch that not only looks good, but also offers the best functionality.
If you are an avid swimmer, your top requirement in a sports watch is that it should be water resistant, and scratch resistant.
If you are a runner, you may want a chronograph with large over‐sized numbers to be able to easily read your times.
If you are a pilot or diver, you may want a multi‐function analogue chronograph to be able to watch and monitor long periods of time.
Similarly, triathletes will need a watch capable of extended time monitoring, especially for some of the more extreme Ironman events.
And snowboarders, or mountain climbers will require watches, which can work efficiently in harsh weather conditions, and have a long battery life.
(4) Maintenance of the Sports Watches
Watch maintenance is roughly the same as car maintenance: your watch will last much longer and you may be able to avoid costly pairs through careful, regular maintenance.
The following is a very brief guide to basic watch maintenance.
※Any watch should be rinsed under fresh water after exposure to saltwater.
※Don’t unnecessarily subject your water‐resistant watch to pressure or heat.
※Remove your watch for hot showers, baths, saunas and hot tubs.
※Immediately get your watch serviced if there is moisture inside the crystal.

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Monday, April 02, 2012